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Thank you for considering Code and Color Design for your service provider. Our low rates and one-on-one customer service give our clients access to custom, high-quality marketing solutions to give their products, services and branding greater visibility.

To help assure your satisfaction, this briefly describes our billing procedures and client expectations. If you wish to make special arrangements or if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Rates for creative, production and development services are calculated per quarter hour. Our initial one-hour consultation within San Diego County is free. A two hour minimum per project applies thereafter. Rates are subject to change and may not include third-party photography or materials.

We will be happy to provide a written estimate of what an assignment will cost based on complete information provided by you. We will adhere to this estimate unless the specifications of the assignment change. However, the subjective nature of web production, development, design, illustration and creative services does not permit me to give firm bids or quotes.

We understand the need for budget control and financial accountability, therefore We always supplement written estimates with verbal (and sometimes written) reports as each job progresses. These progress reports will identify any client-requested changes in specifications and/or content and any possible need to re-estimate the assignment.

Third-party creative services, such as development, programming, design, writing, illustration or photography can be arranged through me, or We will work with whomever you designate. Any charges incurred will be passed on with a 10% markup to cover my administrative expense.

The final bill for any assignment depends directly on our time expended. We believe this arrangement is beneficial and fair to most clients because it directly rewards efficiency and encourages teamwork. Good communication, client input (see tips for clients) and a few well-run meetings or phone calls will result in a low price.

To start work we require payment for one-third of the estimated amount (a standard requirement) or more depending on a client's payment history.

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All bills are payable within 30 calendar days of invoice receipt. We give 5% discounts for businesses that pay within 5 working days by check. You must ask for this discount and mention that you read it on this page. We charge 2% per month for overdue payments, but we're sure you would rather have that discount, instead!

Invoices will be sent at two-week intervals and the balance for the project is due at delivery. We will set up monthly payment plans for qualified Organizations, individuals and Sole Proprietor's.

Graham Fleurbaaij and/or Code and Color Design owns all materials (copyrights, design, code, HTML, ASP, VBscript, Javascript, images, artwork, supplies, photographs, illustrations, layouts, documents, digital files, prints, negatives), tangible or digital, until the client has paid in full in accordance with all written or verbal estimates or invoices. At that time, Graham Fleurbaaij and/or Code and Color Design will release all client-purchased third party photographs, illustrations, art, code (in the condition received), and all final composite products, digital files and copyrights created by, or assigned to, Graham Fleurbaaij and/or Code and Color Design as intended and agreed for the client's use.

I guarantee to deliver, or have delivered, to the client who requests an estimate and/or with whom provides the original content on which my estimate is based, and payments for all outstanding invoices, a product that satisfies specifications approved by both parties which is within my abilities or my contractor's abilities. I guarantee to correct errors in typing, spelling, content, layout that are the errors of mine or Code and Color Design, provided the errors were not those of the client nor its messages or documents and if the errors are caught before going to film (print). I guarantee the client my best effort in providing design, layout and coding based on the specifications provided by and agreed to by the client. The client understands that design and layout are subjective subjects and that preferences must be disclosed up front. My goal is to make my clients happy so that I will be referred to new clients. I want to be your trusted source for Web Development and Design.

Please sign below acknowledging your acceptance of my rates and terms.
Thank you for choosing me and Code and Color!


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